Symphony Pool And Jacuzzi

Discover the vibrant aquatic world of Symphony Pool and let yourself indulged by the relaxing and inviting embrace of the water. 

Symphony Pool is the perfect place for relaxation, directly under the warm rays of the sun or in a private and comforting place when the weather conditions are not quite inviting. The view over the green Copou Park, the smell of the linden tree flowers and the bohemian atmosphere turn this special area of Iaşi into a secret paradise. Whether you choose to spend some time at the bar or in the lounge chair area, the various dishes and drinks that make up our special spa menu will be there to delight you. 

Relaxation in a Jacuzzi means so much more than just having fun with family members or friends - it is pure health. The hydromassage with energizing bubbles of hot water reduces muscle tension and stress. You will be thrilled by the almost instant state of wellbeing and relaxation.